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With the vinyl community growing tired of sub-par sounding reissues, there is a growing trend in the audiophile community to have a preference for records that are certified AAA. What does this mean?

First implemented in 1984, the three letter code AAA, was developed by the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) to classify the recording and reproduction process of commercially available discs. Each of the three positions would be represented by either an A (analogue) or D (digital), denoting the method used in each step.

The first letter refers to the recording method. The second letter denotes how the recording was mixed, and the mastering method is classified by the third letter. As an example, a record that was recorded to analogue tape, mixed digitally on pro-tools, and mastered using analogue equipment would have the SPARS code ADA.

AAA vinyl refers to a record that has a completely analogue chain with no digital processing in any of the three steps. Vinyl is an analogue medium that is considered sonically superior to digital recordings so you would expect that most reissues of vinyl records would all be AAA, right?

Wrong! The majority of reissues of classic records on vinyl will have a digital step somewhere along the chain. Some labels go as far as to take the digital CD master and cut it to vinyl – usually resulting in a brick walled sounding record that lacks all the original dynamics.

One would presume that if one is listening to an analogue medium on an analogue set-up, you want the vinyl to be an all-analogue reproduction of the original recording.

Adding a digital process i.e. converting from analog into digital and back again, results in degradation of the original sound quality.

Reel Analog Records release high quality vinyl recordings sourced from the original analogue tapes and cut them directly to the lacquer without any digital interference, thus producing a true analog album as near to the original sound recording that the artists' and producers intended.

RAR then package the vinyl records in a high quality sleeve with information on the artist, recording & technical details - Ready to be shipped directly to you.